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Get to know Medal Hydraulics and discover a company that continually invests in technology, has one of the most complete lines in hydraulic pumps on the market and an excellent warranty. Contact our sales center and receive a call.

Easily learn how to change the direction of rotation of the 19309C assembly hydraulic gear pump;

Choosing Forty Pins and Bushings is a guarantee of quality and the lowest price. With ISO-9001 certification, it produces Pins, Bushings and Kits for hydraulic excavators and backhoes, covering the most varied brands in the market.

Medal Foundry, follow the manufacturing process of the pieces in nodular cast iron and gray iron. ISO9001 certified company. Own toolling, great dimensional finishing and on-time delivery.

See in this video how to change the direction of rotation of MD Series of hydraulic gear pumps.

Easily learn how to identify the direction of rotation of hydraulic pumps with side, rear, or side and rear outputs.

Learn in this video how to perform the calculation for volumetric displacement of hydraulic gear pumps and motors. Learn the required formula, measure conversions, and where to get formula parameters.

In this video you get to know the pneumatic actuation valve coupled to the hydraulic pump, a device patented by Medal that allows the adjustment of the movement speed of the dump truck.

Medal Hydraulic Pumps has the widest range of hydraulic gear pumps, MD 30/50/75 line with needle bearings and MD 315/330/350/365 lines that are interchangeable with Parker.