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Medal Group


The more than 400 products developed by Medal pass through the hands of a team of highly qualified and constantly trained professionals to guarantee the best to our customers. Technicians and engineers follow the entire production process with quality and precision control through advanced testing and technology laboratories. All Medal products are in accordance with international quality norms and standards, with a quality management system certified by ISO 9001.



Medal products are manufactured with the highest technology and by specialized professionals to achieve the accuracy and reliability of the original parts. The attention dedicated to each product and the application of the highest quality standard, guarantee Medal products the maximum durability, safety and performance that your equipment needs. All of these features guarantee more performance to your equipment.

Follow these recommendations for a better hydraulic pump life:


Find out the reason for the damage of the product being replaced. If the cause is not eliminated, it will also be damaged.


Never mount a new product on a duty circuit. Most damage is caused by working with contaminated oil.


Wash the Tank with solvent and dry , do not use cotton waste, Remove and wash the tubes and hoses with pressurized liquid without leaving any residue.


Make sure that the contaminants are completely removed from the circuit.


Always keep the oil level in the reservoir correct. At a low level, the pump can cavitate, damaging all components of the circuit.


Always observe the filter and oil expiration according to the manufacturer's instructions. Expired, the oil loses its original characteristics and becomes very acidic. This speeds up the component wear process.


Make sure that the alignment of the pump with the drive shaft is not causing any loads to its operation.


Start working with the open circuit (without pressure) for a few minutes. Then gradually increase the pressure and speed until all air in the system is exhausted.